Why use fuel filtration?

Fuel cleanliness problems can cause costly damage to engine and components. Filtering the fuel before it enters your engine makes economic sense to help prevent impurities from damaging internal engine and its components.

Over the years engines have been modernised to provide us with higher horsepower, improved fuel efficiency and greater reliability. The modernisation has resulted in having to increase the pressure and tighten tolerances in order to achieve the desired outputs. Contamination from both organic and inorganic material including water enters the fuel. These contaminations are one of the main reasons that engines and its components can fail.

Thus being able to finely filtrate the fuel prior to entering your engine and its components is key to reduce component wear and also to optimize engine power.

MES Ltd are proud to be an authorised dealer for Fleetguard filters. These filters can be cross referenced to your engine filters.

Why choose Fleetguard?

Fleetguard filters are part of the Cummins family. They work with Cummins during design and manufacturing process to ensure their filters meet the highest standards. They meet and exceed OE standards for optimum protection and therefore reducing operation costs. Fleetguard innovative technologies means cleaning fuel to ISO 22/20/18 to ISO 18/19/19 and better.

Fleetguard filters also come with one of the most inclusive and comprehensive warranty in the industry. https://marineengineeringservices.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Fleetguard-filtration-warranty.pdf

Fleetguard filters has over 8,300 products for air, oil lube, fuel and hydraulic filters.

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Oil filters for boat engines

Oil filters for boat engines

Why are oil filters important to your boat engine?

The purpose of oil filters is to remove contaminants from engine oil and lubricating oil. This helps the oil in your engine to last longer increasing the time required between oil changes. The oil in your boat engine is there to increase the life of your engine by providing lubrication to the moving parts within the engine.

Types of Oil Filters

There are several types of oil filters that remove contaminants from the oil in slightly different ways.

The mechanical design uses either pleated filter paper or cotton waste. Contaminants build up on the filter paper which will eventually restrict the amount of oil flowing through the engine system. The build-up of contaminants will be the determining factor for when to change this type of oil filter.

The cartridge or spin-on type are basically a self-contained filtering system. They can either be mounted on the engine or remotely with supply and return pipes connecting the oil filter to the engine system. These filters have a permanent housing which contains the oil filter element. The spin-on filters make changing the filter much easier and less messy and is the most popular oil filter used on many engines.

Other types include magnetic, sedimentation, centrifugal and high efficiency. These however are less common types of oil filters.

MES Ltd stock a wide range of oil filters and we are able to obtain manufacturers oil filters for your boat or the equivalent Fleetguard filters. These Fleetguard filters have their own warranty. Contact us on 01248671215 or 07798572664 or email [email protected] for your oil filters, oils and much more.

Cummins celebrating 100 years

Cummins celebrating 100 years

Cummins parts

Cummins are celebrating a century of relentless innovation this year. MES Ltd are proud to announce that as Cummins dealers and Cummins Onan dealers we are now able to offer the full range of Cummins parts and Onan parts across the spectrum to our customers. Clessie Cummins launched the Cummins Engine Company in Indiana back in 1919. Cummins vision was to create great things with diesel. Over the past 100 years Cummins has had their focus on developing smarter, better solutions for their engines and generators. Cummins are looking ahead to the next 100 years embracing the challenges to deliver innovative technologies including hybrids, electrified power, cleaner emissions and improved fuel economy.

Cummins Onan parts

The Cummins Marine X15 storms into the power gap between the QSM11 and QSK19. It is a smaller engine so will save space in the engine room. The X15 Cummins marine engine offers variable and fixed speed ratings between 450 Hp to 600 Hp (336 k-W to 447 k-W). Common rail fuel system provides highest injection pressure for an efficient fuel burn for cleaner emissions and optimised fuel economy.

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With many years of practical marine engineering experience, MES Ltd provide a high quality and cost effective repair, servicing, maintenance and engine installations for your boat.

MES Ltd are Cummins manufacturer trained. We are also dealers for MAN, Nanni, Mercury diesel, Mercruiser, Beta and Iveco FPT.

Cummins parts
Cummins and Cummins Onan Parts
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