Thinking about a boat?

There is so much enjoyment to be had when you are out on the water. It can be a very exhilarating time or even the most relaxing time, depending on your moods and requirements. Some like the wind and thrill of actually sailing, others find their enjoyment from fishing or water skiing and others just like to find themselves. Whatever your dreams are, be sure to select the right type of boat for you.

Sail or power? Catamaran or RIB? There are so many types of boats out there.

A good moto is try before you buy.

Consider what size of boat you would need – is it just you and a friend or will family be involved? Children or animals onboard? Will it be a day tripper or for longer periods? In which case, you might need something with more than one cabin.

Make sure you set yourself a clear budget, stick to it and also take into account there maybe additional costs that you may not have considered or factored into the purchase.

Don’t just look at the aesthetics or colours but take a close look at the engine/s, electrics, piping, plumbing, sails, etc. Expect some work will need to be carried out on second hand boats on things that you cannot see. It may be prudent to have an expert look over the engine and engine systems for you. MES Ltd offer an engine inspection service and we can also follow up, if you decide to buy the boat, with a “know your boat engine” lesson. This will make it safer for you once setting out on the water to enjoy your free time.

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Good luck with your buying.

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The legal bit to consider.

When you buy a boat you have a contract with Agreement, terms and conditions etc. The seller must prove clear ownership of the boat with a title for the boat. They must also have a VAT invoice to show that VAT on the boat has been duly paid.

If you ate buying a boat that is newer than  June 1998 and sold within the UK it must have a Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) – effectively a CE mark – which ensures the boat is built to a required standard.

If you buy a boat from the States and ship it across and it doesn’t have an RCD then this can be done retrospectively at a cost.