Just as much as you love to take a shower after being submerged in sea or lake water your boat will too.

There are good reasons to keep your boat clean and it’s not just for aesthetics. Clean and smooth surfaces help to reduce friction from the water and thus make you boat ride smoother and faster.

So what should you look out for:-

Choose your boat cleaner carefully

Use cleaners that have been manufactured for the job in hand. For example you may need either an overall boat cleaner, specific rib uv cleaner and protector, gel coat de-stainer, UV was polish or protection and cleaning your vinyl. This prevents damage to the finish on you boat.


Give your boat a rinse to remove loose dirt and grime prior to the proper wash.

Wash the hull

Use water, appropriate boat wash and soft clean sponge. Wash the boat including all the corners, under seats and difficult to reach places.


 Starting at the highest point and working your way down the boat rinse the boat fully to remove all of the soapy water.

Dry your boat

Use a clean soft cloth to dry your boat for a streak-free finish.


Now it is time to apply a wax to your boat. Use a wax with a UV protector to help protect your boat from sunlight

Clean canvas and vinyl

Use a suitable cleaner to remove dirt etc from canvas and vinyl furnishings

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