Why use fuel filtration?

Fuel cleanliness problems can cause costly damage to engine and components. Filtering the fuel before it enters your engine makes economic sense to help prevent impurities from damaging internal engine and its components.

Over the years engines have been modernised to provide us with higher horsepower, improved fuel efficiency and greater reliability. The modernisation has resulted in having to increase the pressure and tighten tolerances in order to achieve the desired outputs. Contamination from both organic and inorganic material including water enters the fuel. These contaminations are one of the main reasons that engines and its components can fail.

Thus being able to finely filtrate the fuel prior to entering your engine and its components is key to reduce component wear and also to optimize engine power.

MES Ltd are proud to be an authorised dealer for Fleetguard filters. These filters can be cross referenced to your engine filters.

Why choose Fleetguard?

Fleetguard filters are part of the Cummins family. They work with Cummins during design and manufacturing process to ensure their filters meet the highest standards. They meet and exceed OE standards for optimum protection and therefore reducing operation costs. Fleetguard innovative technologies means cleaning fuel to ISO 22/20/18 to ISO 18/19/19 and better.

Fleetguard filters also come with one of the most inclusive and comprehensive warranty in the industry. 

Fleetguard filters has over 8,300 products for air, oil lube, fuel and hydraulic filters.

So for your next filter why not contact us for price and availability on 01248 671215 or 07798 572664 or email [email protected]