Why are oil filters important to your boat engine?

The purpose of oil filters is to remove contaminants from engine oil and lubricating oil. This helps the oil in your engine to last longer increasing the time required between oil changes. The oil in your boat engine is there to increase the life of your engine by providing lubrication to the moving parts within the engine.

Types of Oil Filters

There are several types of oil filters that remove contaminants from the oil in slightly different ways.

The mechanical design uses either pleated filter paper or cotton waste. Contaminants build up on the filter paper which will eventually restrict the amount of oil flowing through the engine system. The build-up of contaminants will be the determining factor for when to change this type of oil filter.

The cartridge or spin-on type are basically a self-contained filtering system. They can either be mounted on the engine or remotely with supply and return pipes connecting the oil filter to the engine system. These filters have a permanent housing which contains the oil filter element. The spin-on filters make changing the filter much easier and less messy and is the most popular oil filter used on many engines.

Other types include magnetic, sedimentation, centrifugal and high efficiency. These however are less common types of oil filters.

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