Sail or motor your boat round to MES Ltd. We are in a superb location.

Launch boat North Wales

We are sited in a new 3500 sqft modern workshop less than 4 meters away from one of the largest boat slipways in North Wales at Dinas boatyard Port Dinorwic, Y-Felinheli near to Port Dinorwic Marina on the Menai Straights.

Whether your boat is moored in North Wales or you are passing through if you need our services you are able to moor up alongside our workshop at Dinas boatyard for us to assess your boat for repair.

Boat owners berthed at Dinorwic Marina are only a couple of minutes away from us by sea so why not pop round and use our services. We have 6 staff so we can offer a fast response along with a huge wealth of experience and have been in Port Dinorwic now for 20 years.

Best part is we are very nice friendly people and normally have 5 or 6 types of coffee on the go – free for customers!

Drop in and see us or better still bring your boat with you!!

Boat launch North Wales


Tips for successful launching include:-

  1. Check boat trailer and tow vehicle are in working order. Life jackets and safety gear on board
  2. Check slipway for obstacles, water depth and slippery surfaces
  3. Check boat – engine starts, fuel level, bung is in, steering is in straight position, trim control working.
  4. Select 4 wheel drive if vehicle is so equipped
  5. Now check trailer – disconnect cable to power lamps to prevent damage, remove tie in straps, unhook straps to winch mechanism
  6. Helper should climb on board (who is familiar with the steering etc. of the boat).
  7. Reverse trailer down slipway – being in a position to communicate with your helper. Keep it straight. Keep speed in check when boat is entering water. Halt tow vehicle before its wheels enter the water. Your boat should be floating free and your helper should be checking the steering and reset trim prior to starting engine.
  8. Use minimal throttle to move the tow vehicle and trailer back up the ramp away from the boat. Park up in suitable location and secure.
  9. Launching without a helper is much more difficult, and less fun! The essential difference is that you need a mooring line so the boat doesn’t float away without you. The mooring line (rope) should be tied loosely to either a dock or to the trailer until you’re onboard. When you have got the vehicle and trailer down the slipway into position for the boat to be buoyant carefully climb aboard. Once onboard, detach the mooring line (rope), lower the trim, start the engine and motor the boat to a dock or to the shore. Then go back to your vehicle and trailer and move them to a suitable position before going back to the boat for a day of fun.