Iveco FPT cylinder head gasket part no 1907838


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Iveco FPT cylinder head gasket part no 1907838

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Genuine New Iveco FPT 6 cylinder head gasket part number 1907838 for NEF marine engines

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Suitable for the following Iveco engines:-

8060.05.276, 8060SRC20.00, 8060.05.276 to 8060SRC23.20,  8060SRM33.10 to 8060SRM33.10A002,
8061C05.01 to 8061C05.05A030, 8061i05.00 to 8061i25.05A652, 8061i40.05, 8061M12.00 to 8061M14.42, 8061Si05.05 to 8061Si40.00, 8061SM16.11 to 8061SM20.42,  8061SRi10.05 to8061SRi41.00, 8061SRM25.10 to 8061SRM33.42, 8061SRU26.05 to 8061SRU26.06, 8065E00.00 to 8065E00.00A801, 8065LE00.0, 8065M12.00 to 8065M12.21, 8065SE00.00 to 8065SE00.00A801, 8065SRE10.00 to 8065SRE25.00, 8065SRU26.04A581 to 8065SRU26.05A580, 8065SU00.00 to  8065SU07.05A580, 8065U00.00 to 8065U06.05A580,
GE8061i06.05A905 to GE8061i25.05A905, GE8061Si06.05A71M to GE8061Si06.05R970, GE8061Si07.05A955 to GE8061Si07.05R970, GE8061Si16.05A955 to GE8061Si16.06A958, GE8061SRi25.05A955 to GE8061SRi26.05A955
There are more engines that use this part

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